Dog bites man: Greek protests against budget cuts turn violent

Greece is beyond a basket case. At least you're still kicking in a basket. The nation is hopelessly in denial - a shocking example of a modern society ignoring reality in order to live in a fantasy world. A recent poll shows that 80% of the country opposes the austerity measures that Greece must take if it is to receive the next infusion of cash from the EU. Already, the taxpayers of Europe - mostly Germany and France - have anted up $140 billion dollars to keep Greek workers and pensioneers in a lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. That's over now. And the determined resistance to realizing that is what is causing the violence. The BBC: If the package is not approved, Greece could run out of money within weeks. Without a new plan in place, the EU and IMF say they will withhold 12bn euros of loans which Greece needs to repay debts due in mid-July. [...] The general strike has halted most public services, banks are closed and hospitals are operating on skeleton...(Read Full Post)