Dennis Kucinich and Michele Bachmann on the same side?

Did the rapture really take place on May 21st?  I was pretty sure that it would have made the news, at least Mark Levin or Rush Limbaugh would have devoted a segment to such a major story.  Maybe Weiner-gate is just a distraction.  Wait, my mother is still here with us and the Chicago Cubs are busy doing what they do best...whew, maybe there is yet time to repent.  Nonetheless The Hill quoted one congressional Democrat as saying that on Friday there was a "sign of the apocalypse."   Still, we should not blithely look past the frightening reality that far-left Democrat Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced a resolution that gained significant Republican support including that of Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann.  Times of crisis often create alliances between polar opposites, in World War II, F.D.R. and Joe Stalin teamed up to defeat Hitler.  Sorry, make that Winston Churchill and Joe Stalin; after all we are talking about...(Read Full Post)