Cruising with Freedom and Hillsdale College in the Baltics

I'm on the Hillsdale College Baltic Cruise.  Hillsdale has a special mission, especially for those of us who see the Constitution as the law that governs government consistent with the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence. This cruise is a lesson in freedom and how fragile it may be if we are not vigilant.  We're traveling through a part of the world where freedom has been intimidated, stolen, crushed and sapped from the souls of people.   It is also an area where people who long for freedom have shown great courage and determination in the face of oppression. Some of us took a train to Moscow from our port in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Standing in Red Square, I recalled the fearful visions of the military parades of the Evil Empire.   In Russia, compared to our other stops, I saw the more long-term damage tyranny causes to the souls of people.  Russians have not overcome the vestiges of Soviet rule, and may never.  One...(Read Full Post)