'Cornered' Obama and the administration's lies about the economy

Obama is "cornered." That's according to Brookings Institution senior fellow Bill Galston: He is in a corner, there is no question about it. He is in a political corner, a fiscal corner and an economic corner. The Federal Reserve has fired every gun in its arsenal, and there is no appetite in Congress for any more stimulus. There is every reason to think that the economy he has is the economy he is going to have for the reelection campaign, maybe plus or minus just a little bit. Galston, the former Clinton adviser, is a true leftist. It's not about the poor saps who voted for the One in 08 walking around with no jobs, or the dad filling up the gas tank hoping it lasts the week or the mom agonizing over whether to pay $5.99 for a jar of peanut butter. It's only about the "reelection campaign." But most daunting to the White House is Obama has  few good tools at his disposal to jump-start the economy in the short term. Obama and his flunkies lie like they breathe. They spin...(Read Full Post)