Chris Wallace and Michele Bachman, A Different Look.

In the past few days an unusual situation has developed regarding an interview of Michele Bachman by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Toward the end of the interview Wallace reminded Bachman of some of the left's attacks against her and then asked her point blank, "Are you a flake?"  The development of what followed, mostly on the Internet, and the conservatives' reaction to that one question presents some real issues as to fairness, both from the right as well as the left, and just how such ocasions of apparent ridicule should be treated. Following the interview, many people accused Wallace of the kind of behavior we have grown accustomed to from the liberal media but not yet from Fox News.  Such a question from a media liberal would have automatically triggered an Alinsky Alert and it may well be that the call is applicable here.  But this time, the questioner was a fairly even handed and honorable man who was asking the same thing the...(Read Full Post)