Checklist Climate $cience

Many of life's mundane chores can be relegated to simple checklists: bread, milk, eggs... check, check, check.  Stop mail, leave lights on, lock doors... check, check, check.  But, can checklists be followed beyond the ordinary or routine to make extraordinary decisions?  Can they be used to solve complex scientific challenges and mitigate societal problems?  Perhaps, in a few cases, but, definitely not when the checklists are composed of essentially political talking points.  Such politicized checklist use is what appears to be happening for momentous decision-making whereby government-sponsored climate science is co-opted to prop up government energy-use policy. The tedious, dispassionate observation and evaluation of atmospheric variables such as temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and wind data has apparently been subsumed into a political process.  As long as an assessment of climate variables leads to the foregone conclusion that the...(Read Full Post)