Blogs busting open AGW 'science' frauds

In a June 18, 2011 edition of Canada's National Post, Rex Murphy takes a swipe at the incestuous nature of the climate "science" community. Much of what the world bizarrely allows to be called climate "science" is a closet-game, an in-group referring to and reinforcing its own members. The insiders keep out those seen as interlopers and critics, vilify dissenters and labour to maintain a proprietary hold on the entire vast subject. It has been described very precisely as a "climate-assessment oligarchy." Murphy's indictment references a "perfect propaganda circle' in which the climate-alarmist faithful in government, academia and the media identify, appoint, empanel and uncritically review each insider's declarations on global climate change. Climate change sympathizers have hijacked the peer review process and used it irresponsibly to strengthen indefensible cases. In just one recent egregious example, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) accepted a report from a...(Read Full Post)