Big brother gets bigger

The Obama administration's quest to control the internet is taking another turn, with a new government-run network on the drawing board. The American Spectator reports: Now it is taking steps to create a taxpayer-financed, government-run broadband network that while ostensibly deployed for use by public safety officials, would compete for business against the current wireless broadband companies. A Senate bill has been introduced to set aside a portion of the wireless spectrum for this purpose, the Spectator notes, and funding to create the new network and start a public corporation will come in part from, where else, taxpayer dollars. A government-run network for public safety and first responders sounds plausible on the surface, but the tentacles are sure to expand in reach.  The Spectator quotes a White House source: Some people want the network to only be used by public safety and first responders ... But we're talking about a network that could also be used for...(Read Full Post)