Assad stages bloody confrontation at border with Israel

We reported yesterday on the "Naksa Day" (Day of the Setback) protests by Palestinians which marks the beginning of the 1967 War. The story that has emerged following a day of violence along the border near the Golan Heights is one that fingers Syrian President Bashir Assad as the culprit in inciting the protestors to rush the Israeli border and give the IDF little choice in their course of action. The evidence, as I point out in my article, is overwhelming: There is no independent corroboration of the number of casualties. The state-run news agency SANA, a propaganda organ wholly owned and operated by the Syrian government, reported that 20 protesters were killed and 350 wounded, quoting a doctor working at the state-run local hospital. One Israeli government official was quoted as saying, "Damascus has a track record of not being precise with its data." The same official pointed out that President Assad has good reason to engineer a confrontation between the IDF...(Read Full Post)