Anti-gun physicians in Florida claim right to ask patients about gun ownership

What's happening to the medical profession? In Madison, Wisconsin, lefty pro-union physicians wrote bogus medical excuses to striking school teachers -- so they wouldn't be disciplined for failing to show up for their classes. Now in Florida, a coalition of physicians with an anti-gun bent are insisting they have the right to ask patients whether they own guns and are storing them safely. To most gun owners, of course, the fact that they own firearms and how they store them is a private matter - and certainly not the business of their physicians. So it was not surprising that some Florida gun owners went ballistic when, not long ago, they went in for checkups - and had their physicians instead peppering them with questions about their guns and where they keep them. "We pay doctors to be doctors and give us medical care," Florida NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer told Capital News Service.  "Instead, they are trying to be social workers and bring their gun-ban politics into...(Read Full Post)