A Strange Death in Strange Circumstances

Raymond Zack, 50, died standing in San Francisco Bay May 30, according to Yahoo News on June 1st.  He waded into the bay from the Alameda shore up to his neck before about 75 police, fire folk and curious onlookers.  He stood for about an hour, looking occasionally at his audience before finally ending his act floating face down in the 54 degree water.  A volunteer, Yahoo said, finally went out and brought the body to shore. A small story making few waves, it soon passed from view. Perhaps it shouldn't.  Maybe Zack's last moments have something to say to us, something we need to hear and ponder.  He put on a show (admission free) for a reason only he knew.  But his attention-getting, star performance wasn't the most significant part of the show, just the most spectacular.  The most important roles may have been played on shore, in the audience. And some of those seem strange. Yahoo described the police and firemen as: first responders, leaving us to...(Read Full Post)