A Man and a Message Whose Time Has Come

If Mark Levin isn't the leading conservative of the day, he's certainly one of them. I contend he is the most articulate and sagacious renowned conservative.  A debate between Levin and Barack Obama would be something to behold. Levin held several positions in the Reagan administration.  He's a constitutional lawyer, an accomplished author, and host of one of the top syndicated radio programs, The Mark Levin Show.  He's also president of Landmark Legal Foundation, which has, among other things, provided support to Virginia in its lawsuit against the Obama Administration over ObamaCare. After recently re-reading Levin's best-selling Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, I was struck again by how concise and compelling a case the author makes for conservatism vis-à-vis statism. On his Thursday, June 23rd, radio show, Levin did a magnificent job of deconstructing point-by-point what is, in effect, a modern-day "progressive manifesto" in the form the current Time...(Read Full Post)