4 dead, 12 hurt on Israeli-Syrian border in 'Naksa day' clashes

The Jerusalem Post is reporting Israeli troops fired on "armed men on the Syrian side of the border" resulting in 4 dead and at least 12 injured. Syria says the dead and injured were Palestinian protestors who gathered on the border to mark "Naksa Day" - what the Palestinians refer to as a "setback" from the 1967 war. Syrian television on Sunday reported that four people were killed and 10 injured along the Syria-Israel border in the Golan Heights near Majdal Shams, reportedly from IDF fire. The IDF spokesperson said that the only information it had on deaths on the border were Syrian reports and therefore, it could not confirm the number of people killed or if there were any deaths. After several hours of clashes, IDF began allowing Red Cross teams access to the Syrian border area in order to evacuate wounded protesters, Channel 10 reported. Two armed men were identified near the border fence in Kunetra, on the Syrian side of the border, the IDF Spokesman told The Jerusalem Post on...(Read Full Post)