Weiner speaks to press, makes himself look guilty of something

Why is Rep. Anthony Weiner acting like someone who has something to hide, if he is claiming to be innocent of any misbehavior in Weinergate? He appeared today before a gaggle of reporters and cameras, but declined to answer any meaningful questions, including the following (hat tip to Alana Goodman of Commentary for the list: "Was that picture of you?" "Why did you hire a lawyer? Why not let law enforcement handle it?" "Can you say if you're concerned if there's hacking going on with members of congress? That's a serious thing. Aren't you concerned if someone's looking at your sensitive information?" "Are the Capitol Hill police already looking into it?" "Was it hacked or was it a prank?" "Can you tell us why you were following a 21-year-old college student [on Twitter]?" Weiner evaded answering each question. You can watch for yourself here:    For a smart, articulate guy, he certainly is making a mess of the handling of this incident.  Either he is hiding...(Read Full Post)