The Obama bungle and dither team

Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times has a marvelous satirical piece today exposing the incredible bungling and dithering of the Obama team in the Osama bin Laden raid. It is becoming increasingly clear that only the superb professionalism of the United States military, especially JSOC which actually planned and carried out the raid, accounts for the successful outcome.An excerpt:Because it was so important to have photos of a dead Osama to head off evergreen Elvis-lives conspiracies, the gruesome big-hole-in-the-forehead photo has not been released -- and might never be.This is because a ghastly dead OBL photo could offend the "sensitivities" of Osama's insane supporters who have been trying to kill Americans for 15 years anyway, still are, will be but didn't seem to mind photos of thousands of people dying 10 years ago inside burning, crumbling skyscrapers or leaping from them.Trust the administration, however, the death photos do exist. Someone is discussing...(Read Full Post)