Obama's Birth Certificate and Osama's Death Picture

These two have an interesting common denominator that reveals much about our president's mindset.Consider CIA director Leon Panetta's reaction of shrug-of-the-shoulders "sure" when asked whether the photos would be revealed. After all, the killing of Osama is big news, the public is curious, so why not? Some won't look, some will look with horror, some with disgust, some with revulsion, some with gloating, some will make a screensaver of it - a normal and totally understandable gamut of reactions to a highly visible event. Obama's reaction could not have been more different to Panetta's. "What will the enemies think of it?" is the first question on his mind. Will it, to use the Soviet expression justifying suppression of the negative internal news, "pour water on the mill of the enemies?" And this is not the first expression of that attitude. Obama's refusal to disclose his birth certificate to the curious public falls into the same pattern and shows the...(Read Full Post)