CSI Santa Fe...Closing in on Big Bill?

Regular readers here at AT know that I have reported occasionally on the rampant corruption that permeated the government of New Mexico throughout the eight years of the Bill Richardson administration. Like many New Mexicans I have been frustrated by the Obama administration's foot dragging on charges against Big Bill and his cronies, motivated no doubt by Bill's status in the Democrat Party. Even a widely-published confession to criminal activity by one of the major players hasn't been enough to prompt the feds into filing criminal charges. Other prominent Democrats, like Obama's now-deposed Car Czar, Steve Rattner, have links to the New Mexico corruption through the ties to the New York financial scandals, connections which could well explain Eric Holder's keeping the political brakes on any federal prosecutions. However, the election last fall of a Republican governor, Susana Martinez, herself a tough former prosecutor, finally has the case moving. This week a State of New...(Read Full Post)