At least Obama clarified some things

Some things are abundantly clear in the aftermath of President Obama's speech on May 19 to the American people outlining his vision of the Middle East and his plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's responses.It is clear for example that Obama's vision is divorced from reality and is detrimental to the national security interests of the United States. He is looking at recent events in the Middle East (the so-called Arab Spring, Palestinian attempts to form a 'unity government' and so on) through rose colored glasses and has no knowledge or understanding of the history of the region, the mentality of its people, the nature of Islam or the real animating factors behind the Arab Spring and Palestinian actions. He doesn't understand or believe that the national security of the United States is being threatened and eroded by his own actions or lack of same and that his policies of appeasement and kowtowing to those who would do the U.S....(Read Full Post)