Power to the States: The Welfare Edition

I encourage you to read Susan Carleson's article on welfare reform.  The author's interest in the topic is no surprise.  After all, her husband Robert worked closely with Ronald Reagan to reform welfare in both California and Washington, DC.  Robert Carleson fought to make welfare programs more effective for those who truly need them, and his work helped bring about the successful bipartisan reforms of 1996.  At the Republican Study Committee (RSC), we share Susan's desire to build on that success.Americans now spend more on welfare than we do on national defense, yet poverty rates are actually higher today than in the 1970s.  Clearly the current system is failing.  Susan proposes to give control to the states through a procedure known as block granting.  It's an idea with a lot of merit, and one that is fully compatible with H.R. 1167, the RSC's Welfare Reform Act of 2011. (Watch this video for more background.)The most...(Read Full Post)