Cowards, More Cowards, and Heroes

After storming the capitol, shoving security officers out of their path and forcing their way through the state house doors and windows, the crazed mob of union/Marxist dupes and their fellow travelers screamed “You are cowards! You are cowards!” at Wisconsin’s Senate Republicans.  The well-organized shock troops of the left were dealt a serious blow as the Senate passed a bill on Wednesday evening which placed new fiscally responsible limits on collective bargaining for many of the state’s public sector unions.   Governor Walker and his Republican colleagues grew tired of waiting for their Democrat counterparts to act in an honorable and responsible manner and separated the badly needed collective bargaining reforms from the “budget repair bill” to allow for a simple majority vote.  In a statement released upon adoption of the bill by the Senate, Governor Walker said.   “The Senate Democrats have had three...(Read Full Post)