Hillary and the Muslim Brotherhood

Why would a proto-feminist Secretary of State be silent on the very real potential of a patriarchal Islamist system like the Muslim Brotherhood gaining power in Egypt? Hillary Clinton's deafening silence in full view of her boss's Muslim sympathies as well as her own complicity in dialoguing with those who wish to subjugate women worldwide has left even die-hard Hillary supporters baffled and disgusted.From Reverend Amy at noquarterusa: How can Secretary Clinton continue to support President Obama in his push for the Muslim Brotherhood to be involved in governing Egypt? The Muslim Brotherhood wants to implement Sharia Law, for heaven's sake. How in the world can Secretary Clinton stand by this? How can she possibly condone the impact this will have on women in Egypt given her lifelong work for women to have full human rights? How? I simply do not understand this. It seems to fly in the face of everything for which she has stood.It's simple really, she must agree with her boss despite...(Read Full Post)