You can lead a horse to water...

It puzzles and infuriates me that our western civilization is at risk because the elite political classes are not willing to devote a few hours to read about Islam, Shariah and jihad.  Khrushchev's secret speech at the 20 Soviet Communist Party Congress in 1956 which was smuggled to the West by a Mossad agent in Poland was considered a sensational coup, but today we have all the information we need seconds away on the internet and no one cares to look.  From the Israeli Labor party to western diplomats negotiating with Iran and Baroness Warsi in England there is a complete disconnect between reality and their perception of it. It takes half a day to read Shariah: The Threat to America  . How many will actually do it?This morning I wanted to check some facts about George VI ( the movie The King's Speech will arrive here next week)  and it took me a minute to google his speech  from...(Read Full Post)