Extremist Muslims target Christians around the world

While Muslims in Egypt slaughter Christians--and naturally blame it on the Israelis/Jews--no country is immune from Muslim hatred and persecution against Christians and Jews. Even in Berlin, Copts, Christians who have fled Egypt because of Muslim terrorism and discrimination, are not safe and have begged the German police to help them in response to terror threats there. the mass-circulation Bild quoted Anba Damian, bishop of Germany in the Coptic church, saying the group had faced an upsurge in threats during the Christmas period.'The police warned us several times that radical Muslims might try to disrupt our Christmas services. As a result I wrote to the interior ministry and requested protection,' he said.It is estimated that the church in Germany has up to 10,000 members.Copts in France also reported threats against their church and members. Two weeks ago, a statement on Islamist websites urged Muslims to attack Coptic churches in Egypt and among Egyptian Christian...(Read Full Post)