Elderly couple ordered to pay 12K in legal fees in dispute over Mitzy the cat

88-year-old Bea Garza suffers from depression and dementia, like many other people with similar maladies Bea draws comfort and relief from her beloved cat Mitzy. More and more research shows that people like Bea derive measurable health benefits from their pets. Many retirement homes welcome regular visits from “therapy pets,” whose warmth and friendship help to lift the spirits of the residents.   Bea Garza and her husband Ron have not only been forced to give up their beloved green eyed cat Mitzy, but they will now be forced by a Florida court to pay $12,000 in legal fees. The Palm Beach Post reports that the Vista Pines Association and their high powered law firm, Becker & Poliakoff have succeeded in having Mitzy evicted from the Garza’s condo. It didn’t matter that Bea had a letter from her doctor confirming her disabilities and Mitzy’s role in her treatment, because the complexities of the legal system are a barrier to those...(Read Full Post)