Off to a Bad Start

Less than a month has passed since the mid-term elections and the early signs emanating from Washington don't bode well for the future of our freedom. The ruling class is still firmly entrenched and is seemingly oblivious to the message sent by the people on November 2. Corrupted by power, the two parties comprising the ruling class apparently still differ only in "the rates at which they are willing to usurp additional power."Yesterday, fifteen Republican senators joined every Democrat in voting for passage of S. 510, the "FDA Food Safety Modernization Act", described on these pages as a "power grab" of a bill that "reaches too far and too wide and embraces too much with a one-size-fits-all worldview." Sen. Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) said the bill:"will grow the government, increase food prices, and drive small producers out of business without making our food any safer. America has the safest food supply in the world - and it has been...(Read Full Post)