Mahmoud Abbas puts on a propaganda show -- and the NY Times applauds

In its Dec.20 edition, the New York Times features a gushing account of a meeting in Ramallah between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and some 60 members of Israel's "peace camp" ("Palestinian Leader Has 60 Israelis to Lunch" by Isabel Kershner, page A10).Kershner's article, splashed over six columns, goes to great lengths to depict the amicable spirit of this cozy get-together -- without casting a critical eye on some of the propaganda whoppers Abbas delivered during lunch."Long tables were laid out in the main hall of the Mukata, the presidential compound, and a traditional lunch of lamb and rice was served," Kershner writes.  "Special kosher meals in sealed containers were provided for the Orthodox Jewish delegates."But when it comes to Abbas's message, as he happily preached to his Israeli choir, Kershner just sops up his remarks at face value -- never mind that any reporter worth his or her professional salt would at least point out...(Read Full Post)