Voters Were Not Seeking a Weaker America

In October, the United Kingdom under its new Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition announced drastic cuts in the armed forces, reducing the number of warships, tanks, artillery, and aircraft, to help reduce the budget deficit. Last week, the conservative Christian Democ­rat government of Germany received a commissioned report on defense reform that called for a reduction of some 70,000 troops, a trimming of the military command structure and a shrinking of the Defense Ministry itself. Again, the motive was to find ways to lower the budget deficit. In both cases, center-right administrations in major countries which have inherited huge fiscal problems have included deep military cuts in their reform measures even though national security spending is not responsible for their economic woes.Now that the Republicans have won control of the U.S. House on a platform that emphasized cuts in government spending, will the Pentagon face the same fate? There have been some disturbing...(Read Full Post)