The Holocaust Denial/Minimization Industry Attacks Us All

This is for Norman Finkelstein and by extension everyone who applauds him at his events.I'm not here to debate his stance on Israel and Zionism - there is really only one thing that I want address within this letter. My issue with Finkelstein and his supporters is nothing more than a simple number.No, it's not six million, as in six million murdered Jews, killed during the Holocaust - a fact that Finkelstein casts doubt upon by referring to "six million" in quotation marks. Finkelstein has also gone on record that Holocaust denier David Irving - who believes there were no gas chambers and that Auschwitz was a "tourist attraction" - is an "indispensable" historian. No, this isn't some unbelievable fiction from George Orwell's 1984; this is actually what this man thinks. Nor is the number 2,000, as in the nearly 2,000 years since Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jews were forced to flee their ancient homeland. The desire to return home has been expressed...(Read Full Post)