Russia starts new relationship with Lebanon

This week Vladimir Putin and Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri met in Russia for talks which seem to have “reset” relations between the two nations and opened the door for greater Russian involvement in the Middle-East. During Hariri’s two day visit he also met with President Medvedev, Mikhail Dmitriyev, the director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation and other Russian officials. The Daily Star of Lebanon reports:   Hariri announced that Moscow would provide Lebanon with six MI 24 helicopters, 31 T-72 tanks, 36 cannons of 130 mm caliber, around half a million different munitions for medium-sized weapons, and 30,000 artillery shells for free.   Prime Minister Hariri praised his new Russian friends saying that “military and security relations are very important, as well as military exchanges and training.” Since Lebanon has no Air Force, Russian pilots and technicians will be training Lebanese military...(Read Full Post)