Our Next Black President?

When it rains it pours; or such would appear to be the case from this latest, rather startling, political announcement. America limps along for a couple of centuries without a single black president and now here we are less than half way through the first one's hopefully initial term and we have another black politician announcing that he is going to be the next president. Not, mind you, that he's going to be a candidate, but that he's going to be the next president of this country.Former U.S. Senate candidate, Alvin Greene of South Carolina was in the Richland County Courthouse Tuesday morning, ostensibly for a hearing on pre-election pornography charges; but demonstrating that he is indeed a Democrat politician through and through, he used the occasion to announce his political intentions for 2012 telling a Columbia Free Times reporter:"I'm the next president," Greene said, while sitting on a bench. "I'll be 35 ... just before November, so I was born to be president....(Read Full Post)