Julian Assange, Neocon?

If one judges the WikiLeaker by whose politics he vindicates in the most interesting revelations from the latest document dump, there is a case to be made that Julian Assange is pro-Israel. Writing in The Tablet, Lee Smith maintains: ...one might easily wonder if Assange isn't instead a clandestine agent of Dick Cheney and Bibi Netanyahu; whether his muckraking website isn't part of a Likudnik plot to provoke an attack on Iran; and if PFC Bradley Manning, who allegedly uploaded 250,000 classified documents to Wikileaks, is actually a Lee Harvey Oswald-like neocon patsy.With all due apologies to Oliver Stone (and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Recep TayyipErdogan of Turkey), what the Wikileaks documents reveal is not a conspiracy of any kind but a scary and growing gap between the private assessments of American diplomats and allies in the Middle East and public statements made by U.S. government officials. The publication of these leaked cables is eerily...(Read Full Post)