Healthy Thanksgiving Dining the Obama Way

President Obama and his anti-obesity crusading wife Michelle role-modeled a Thanksgiving feast for the nation. The great Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times: presents the menu:Too many appetizers to bother listing.Kick-off the main event with:TurkeyAnd then some HamAnd a choice of :Cornbread Stuffing orOyster StuffingOr WTH have both.Then some Greens naturally.And, of course, Sweet Potatoes.And it would be anti-American not to have Mashed Potatoes.And don't forget the Green Bean Casserole.Oh, and a mountain of  Macaroni and Cheese too.And, to be polite, unlimited Dinner Rolls.Now the good parts:DessertSince First Lady Michelle Obama has OKd pies for ordinary Americans to consume this day and since, let's be honest, she's not doing the baking and neither is her Mom and he's sure not doing the dishes, order up a slab of all six pies (6, as in VI):Apple Pie (Michigan's a battleground state, you know) andPumpkin Pie (it's patriotic) andBanana Cream Pie to cleanse the...(Read Full Post)