Geritol Jane and the Sexagenarians

Mumia Abu-Jamal supporter Susan Sarandon, Hanoi Jane and Sigourney Weaver, mother to an endoparasitoid extraterrestrial baby, are featured in an upcoming controversial V Magazine issue entitled "Who Cares about Age." To be honest, even for a Granny, liberal women with Percelona-resistant age spots vamping it up in a glossy magazine is an extremely disturbing assault on the senses.V Magazine mistakenly refers to the three pinko-leaning ladies as "golden girls." The magazine takes the word sexagenarian literally because as far as V is concerned, being the female version of an old codger does not relegate an old lady to the granny-panties section of the lingerie department.In fact, at V Magazine it's even sexier to be an aging anti-American loud mouth.  Featured in the antediluvian issue is one well-known traitor, a supporter of Revolutionary Communist Party-led groups, and a third woman admittedly "incensed by Sarah Palin." V views its publication in...(Read Full Post)