Firing the TSA

Janet Napolitano is getting a lesson: treat customers unreasonably and they will leave. Airport operators do not have to use TSA to screen passengers, and an airport has already announced it will  use one of the five private screening firms already approved to offer security screening for air travelers.Unsurprisingly, the move comes from a scrappy underdog airport which competes with a larger, more famous facility: Orlando Sanford Airport, which is much smaller and farther from the Disney/Universal Studios attractions than the better-known Orlando International Airport. Sanford is a focus airport for low cost carrier Allegiant (which offers service mostly to smaller markets), but has scheduled international service by Icelandic Airlines, as well as frequent charter service by British airlines such as Monarch and Thomas Cook, which specialize in package tours.  It is owned by British firm, which also operates airports in the UK (such as Luton Airport, outside London --...(Read Full Post)