Failure Will Not Be Disappointing, It Will Be Destructive

Symbolic gestures such as Speaker of House-elect John Boehner choosing to fly commercial instead of using military aircraft are fine in and of themselves and begin to set the right tone, but they cannot be a substitute for real action. The newly-elected conservatives must do everything within their power to halt Obama's radical agenda and undo the damage that he has inflicted on our nation. Failure to do so will not just be disappointing, it will be seriously destructive.  Time is running out for the existence of America as we know it; and time has run out for idle passiveness and vain attempts at bipartisanship. These tactics have been exhausted, have utterly failed, and have helped speed up the decline of freedom. Rush Limbaugh recently pointed out:   "Since the New Deal we have operated from the premise that whatever is in place stays, but we'll work around the edges. We'll try to streamline it, make it more efficient on...(Read Full Post)