California the neocolonial state

California imports more cheap labor from a third world country than any other state. California exports her prisoners.  The state of California essentially outsources a substantial amount of its energy production, importing more of its electricity than any other state.  If California were a country, the liberals in academia would be outraged at this neocolonial behavior.  Ironically it has been liberal policies that have lead to California becoming a neocolonial state.The heart of liberal illegal immigrant friendly policies, like the sanctuary cities, In-state tuition for illegal immigrants , and state subsidized medical care is supposed to be compassion.  If one were to don the mantle of a traditional academic, and California were a western country, an observer would note that the number one driver for the illegal immigrant policies is that rich Californians want cheap housekeepers and gardeners.  An academic would also point out that encouraging this illegal...(Read Full Post)