Barack and unintended consquences

As Obama finishes his Asian trip and is forced to answer questions he doesn't want ("what were the biggest complaints you heard from the other foreign leaders?") some things become clear.  This man and his administration are completely oblivious to the unintended consequences of their policies and actions.Governments don't operate in a vacuum.  When the fed proceeds with its plan to monetize the debt by printing money and buying government bonds they are telegraphing their intentions.  But they don't seem to be anticipating the coming push-back.Obama complained he was only asked questions about other government leaders complaints but he failed to notice the nature of the complaints were much about this ill advised fed plan.Does it make sense to announce to the world, and markets, you intend to devalue the dollar?  Don't you think, if you try to think ahead at all, that the markets and other countries will begin to maneuver to counter your...(Read Full Post)