Remember When Dems Fretted About Privacy?

Was it just a few years ago when our progressive friends waxed hysterical about the invasions of privacy implicit in the Patriot Act?  Well, now those invasions are explicit, and they are coming to you courtesy of Barack Obama's Organizing for America (OFA).  If you click here, you can meet a whole batch of new playmates.  The friendly folks at OFA will provide you with a list of naïfs who have no idea their names are being distributed over the Internet.  And not just their names, but their phone numbers, their locations, their party ID, their age, and their sex.Better still, the OFA will not ask you a single question about who you are and what your intentions might be.  A colleague tried to get in using a fake name and his email address and was promptly provided personal data about a slew of unsuspecting new pals.Of course, if you click in, you are given a small questionnaire and a script urging these folks to vote however often they can get away with in...(Read Full Post)