Amanpour Inadvertently Exposes the Real Issue with Islam

Recently, Christianne Amanpour hosted a panel discussion meant to explore the misunderstood delineation between moderate and extremist Islam.A dichotomy is certainly brought to light in discussion, but considering Amanpour is a staunch Islamic apologist, it is probably not the one she meant to expose.  She likely sought to support the notion that Islam is peaceful, and to advance the belief that only a small contingent of radicals corrupts the faith.  To those ends, she enlisted guests of Christian and Muslim backgrounds for her panel, and I'm fairly certain she expected the Christian guests to attack Islam as an intolerant faith bent on universalizing Sharia, while her Muslim guests and audience members would defend themselves as peaceful practitioners of the tolerant faith of Islam.  Americans are familiar with the strategy.  It's the standard stuff that tends to make Christians look intolerant and Muslims look misunderstood.But one portion of the discussion...(Read Full Post)