Republican Chemotherapy

Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, Charlie Crist in Florida, and Mike Castle from Delaware all lost their bid in the Republican primary to non establishment or "Tea Tarty" candidates, and all have either refused to support their party's candidate or have remained in the race either as write ins or as third party candidates. If the Republican party leadership had a shred of respect for its constituents they would censure these candidates and remove them from any leadership position. In the long run they have exposed the tumor in the Republican party; the tumor is power.  They prefer power to ideology. They prefer power to smaller government. They prefer power to respect for the voters. They are part of the very bipartisan Ruling Class that Professor Angelo Codevilla wrote about in The Ruling Class.  (This article in American Spectator has been expanded into a book by that name.) Can you imagine the uproar from the GOP if the Tea Party candidates who lost by a narrow...(Read Full Post)