Saved from Islamophobia

A shout out to Imam Rauf for his shining example of a moderate Muslim. Thank you, Imam Rauf, for shaking me out of my Islamophobia.  Thank you for being a shining example of a moderate Muslim.  To safeguard against the danger of backsliding, I will hang this list on my fridge, reminding me daily what you, a moderate Muslim, and others like you believe.  Moderate Muslims:-        Believe that good hygiene is important and remind us to wash our hands . . . after all, we Americans have been walking around with the blood of 500,000 Iraqi children on our hands. Believe that it is important not to exclude any groups from their religion . . . therefore, Hezb'allah, Hamas, and the Islamic Resistance Movement are all considered legitimate "religious movements" within Islam.Believe, as supported studies show, that terrorists like al-Qaeda target only "political objectives" . . . codeword for "Western-influenced...(Read Full Post)