Obama's new national security strategy a recipe for disaster

President Obama's recently unveiled National Security Strategy is a recipe for disaster, not only for the United States but for the free world as well. It diminishes rather than enhances our security and is an abdication of America's role as leader and protector of free nations and champion of western civilization.The document and philosophy behind it limit America's capacity to respond quickly and decisively to threats and acts of terrorism and war against us and our allies and virtually guarantees that these will occur with ever increasing frequency and ferocity because our enemies know they have nothing to fear and that there will be no real consequences for their actions. As the U.S. places shackles on itself by emphasizing diplomacy and a collective response to anything and everything enemies throw it's way and becomes weaker as a result those who would destroy us and our way of life become stronger and more emboldened in turn and more likely to threaten and attack. This is an...(Read Full Post)