Census Bureau Boondoggle

Government is promoting itself as capable of overseeing the health care of 300 million American citizens.  Yet, when following up on 68% of unreturned census forms, from America's 105 million households, the incompetent federal bureaucracy sent out sex offenders to ring doorbells.That's right, a registered sex offender was set loose in the Garden State and children, susceptible women and teenage girls were opening the door for a representative from the federal government, by way of the Sex Offenders Registry.Frank Kuni, a sexual predator from the state of New Jersey "used an alias to get a job as a census taker" and due to the shoddy screening procedure of another government agency, Frank was given a badge, a clipboard and a list of residences occupied by lots of defenseless little girls: Using an alias, Kuni passed a preliminary background check and completed four days of training. He visited several residences in Pennsauken ... including the home of a woman who...(Read Full Post)