Boston Joins Arizona Boycott

The Boston City Council unanimously passed a resolution "calling on the city to cut business ties with Arizona."  From the Globe:The mayor's aides said they had already identified at least one contract, a $1.1 million agreement between the Boston Centers for Youth & Families and an Arizona software firm, that would be newly scrutinized, and that there may be others. Menino spokeswoman Dot Joyce said the mayor intends to write each firm and inquire about their views on immigration.I'm sure that the Mayor thinks it's more fair to offer business owners the opportunity to disavow the new immigration law.  But imagine you run a small software company and a million dollar contract is on the line.  If you agree, like 70% of Arizonans, that federal immigration laws should be enforced, you either lie to the Mayor, or you forfeit the million dollars.   Rather than the City of Boston taking action against the State of Arizona, the Mayor thinks he can demand...(Read Full Post)