Would Lincoln be a Republican today? Let's ask him!

Recently on MSNBC's Hardball (go figure), Chris Matthews asked if Abraham Lincoln would be a Republican today. Matthews like so many of his fellow travelers in the MSM continues to find new ways to paint the Republican party and all who oppose his beloved Comrade Leader Obama, as racist. According to Matthews, the 10th amendment challenges to ObamaCare represent a modern day attempt to rebuild the confederacy and if President Lincoln were alive today he would not even be welcome in the Republican party. Matthews closed his nightly Obamaganda broadcast by saying. ...Who started his presidential campaign in Springfield, Illinois, paying tribute to its favorite son, Abraham Lincoln? Who do you think represents the spirit of Lincoln in today's politics and who doesn't? Not a bit. You call it... Realizing that none of Matthews ever shrinking audience (get the free-market message Chris?) could provide a fair and balanced answer to his query I thought it might be interesting to see what...(Read Full Post)