It's Baseball Season!

Hooray, it is baseball season! I love baseball.  Baseball has always been my great escape from the problems of life.  This year I hope that by rooting for my beloved team I will be (at least temporarily) distracted from thinking about what the Democrats are doing to our nation.  In order to do accomplish this task, I will have to stand guard against certain ideas creeping into my mind while enjoying the national pastime. For instance: When the umpire yells, "Let's play ball," I must not consider the slang definition of this phrase and think about the Chicago-style "let's play ball" politics (Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase, Air Force One ride for Kucinich, Stupak deal, etc.) used to get ObamaCare passed.When the umpire yells, "Strike," I must not let myself start thinking about labor unions, and the special protection they got from the president when he took over GM and our health care.When the umpire yells, "Fair," I must...(Read Full Post)