Obama administration protecting the 'green' investments of its friends

Crony capitalism is alive and well in Barack Obama's Washington. Business for lobbyists on K Street is booming as never before. Green energy promoters are raking in our tax dollars, often for wasteful "investments ." Al Gore is certainly raking in the green. He is a global warming myth profiteer on a robber baron scale. Democratic sugar daddy George Soros, whose investments in the green energy industry amount to over one billion dollars and counting, has made parallel investments in bringing about Democratic dominance in Washington. Soros also has a friend in the Oval Office to help assure his investments pan out. Now comes word that the Obama administration's Department of Energy has engaged in some "monkey business" to rebut a study that showed investments in wind energy costs far more jobs than they create.A Spanish university study had calculated that government subsidies for the wind power industry killed more jobs because they diverted money from more...(Read Full Post)