Sign of the times; 'Phantom Taxes'

Are you starting to get the feeling that there's a cop around every bend in the road just waiting to give you a ticket for speeding? Or a meter maid hovering near your parking meter waiting for the minutes to expire?Don't worry. You're not imagining things as this piece in the the New York Post by Brad Hamilton and Susan Edelman shows:Reluctant to raise taxes publicly, the Bloomberg administration is pursuing a "stealth tax" - launching an unprecedented squeeze on Big Apple residents and businesses, cracking down on parking, health, safety and quality-of-life infractions with a vengeance, the data shows.The ongoing blitz has worked so well that City Hall bean counters expect to rake in a record $884 million in fines by the end of this fiscal year, which runs from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.That's a 10% jump over last year's $802 million.And there's no letting up. Fines are projected to increase to $896 million in 2011."We need to get the revenue from...(Read Full Post)