Desperate Democrat Warmists Deep in Denial

On the very same day that the EPW minority released a report [PDF] citing “unethical and potentially illegal behavior by some the world's leading climate scientists,” the ruling majority promised “to make policy based on [the same discredited] science.”It was like watching shopkeepers wading through knee-deep water to tape a handwritten “open for business” sign to their cracked and filthy front windows after days of devastating storms.Only the storms in this story carried unusual names.  Like Climategate and Glaciergate and Amazongate.And the shopkeepers were named Boxer and Sanders and Whitehouse and Jackson.  And what they were selling was suntan lotion -- despite four months of non-stop rain and snow, and a confession from their top manufacturer that the ointment was neither necessary nor effective.Such was the scene today as desperate Democrat warmists used the occasion of a FY2011 EPA budget hearing before the Senate Environment...(Read Full Post)