Our Leader has Spoken (again)

Hey everybody, listen up! Our fearless leader has spoken. This time to tell us what we already know. Of course he sums things up with his usual brilliant prose. Why I nearly swooned when I heard the words:"The road to recovery is never straight."Well blow me down! Just when, according to recent media reports, it seemed things were improving and showing all sorts of glimmers of hope, hope, hope, it turns out things still look pretty bad. Who knew?Eager as the media has been to frame all things touched by the hand of Obama as better and/or getting better, things are not so much getting better. We lost 85,000 jobs in December. And unemployment is not improving. The latest monthly job report "intensified pressure on the Obama administration to show progress for the $787 billion spending bill it championed last year to stimulate the economy...For those out of work, the market is bleaker than ever. Unemployed people had been jobless for an average of 29 weeks in December, the...(Read Full Post)